Our company has been created by a team of passionate professionals, who decided to share their passion and invest in the value of an already proven synergy. Synergy Value is a modern “software house” with an extensive experience in web and software development, mobile development, game development and maintenance and support services.

Our passion comes from the power of what we deliver; web applications, e-shops, mobile apps and games. The power of Synergy Value is available to the discerning who want to benefit from the unique knowledge and experience we can provide.

Synergy Value can handle projects of any size and complexity. We follow industry standards and best practices in a range of development languages and platforms.

Web & Software


Web is the inspiration of the company. Synergy Value offers quality web and software development services by using a wide range of technologies and following well-known software development methodologies. Our philosophy is based on involving and sharing. We involve our customers in the project phases and as a result we deliver web sites, web shops and complex Information Systems according to the real customer needs. Share your web and software development needs with a group of people that deliver solutions during the whole software development life cycle!

Mobile App


Mobile application development is a key activity of the company. Synergy Value develops B2B and B2C mobile apps. Our team consists of developers, business analysts, project managers and testers with an extensive experience in mobile technologies. Synergy Value focuses in apps for iOS and Android platforms and in multiplatform websites. Share your app idea with us and let us make your idea a profit center!



Game development gives an added Synergy Value. It is a passion and hobby which became major activity of the company. We make games for PCs, Mobiles and Web. With Synergy Value your idea becomes a game concept, and the concept becomes a real game in PC, Mobile and Web. Share your enthusiasm and play your own profitable game!

Our Work

who shared their dreams and passion
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Software Development Pooley CRM

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App & Web Development Fire Service Museum

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Software Development Unlock Athens

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Application Development Dive In

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Software Development Lynden MIS

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Dive In

Application Development

The project "DIVE IN OUR ISLANDS" is an attempt to show the attractiveness of our islands-areas, Lesvos, Lemnos, Agios Efstratios and Kalymnos for Greece, Larnaca and Famagusta Districts for Cyprus, under a common transnational cooperation project. The diving areas and diving routes are indicative and those interested in visiting the areas should do so with their own responsibility, following the standard practices and legal terms of each area and country.

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Management Information System

Lynden is an Information System which has been developed for the management of cinemas, theatres and parking needs. Using the “Lynden” the company – user can:

  • Create and print the tickets
  • Manage different kind of tickets (monthly, annual or daily)
  • Manage the payments
  • Search and book available places or seats
  • Read smart cards and barcodes
  • Customize the available space
  • Export daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Create and manage a customer profile
TECHNOLOGIES: .net 4.5, ASP.MVC, Windows Forms, SAP CrystalReports, SQL Server
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a CRM designed for medical companies

Using “Pooley” the company can:

  • manage the incident during the whole lifecycle.
  • control and observe the patient’s history.
  • automatically communicate with any stakeholder.
  • manage the payment procedure.
  • manage the incident during the whole lifecycle.
  • export daily, weekly and monthly reports and more...

“Pooley” is also designed specifically for companies that have a lot of different medical centers in different areas. Using “Pooley” the company eliminates the distance and also provides the ability to work and cooperate as a single office.

An extremely useful for medical companies around the world that work with insured persons from different countries. It already contains plenty of incident forms, requirements and contact details of the most “well – known” insurance companies around the world empowering the “compensation process”.

TECHNOLOGIES: .net, MVC, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, Javascript, MS SQL, EF6
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Fire Service Museum

Mobile App & Web Development

Synergy Value was responsible for designing and implementing an eLibrary and a portal for the promotion of the museum’s assets.

We also implemented the mobile applications for iOS and Android for the museum.

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Unlock Athens

Web Development - Tailored Tour Guides

Unlock Athens is a dynamic website offering the ability to the user to create a touristic plan adapted to his interests and hobbies and introduce him to the right people.


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